The expert in Paedophilia?

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The expert in Paedophilia?

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So far as I know there has never been an encyclical concerning paedophilia, or the sexual abuse of the young, although there can hardly be a man alive who so far as priestly abuse is concerned, knows more about it than the Pope.

I doubt that a month goes by when he does not receive a report of a priest resigning or being defrocked or exiled by his bishop.

Recently a Polish archbishop, a friend and former personal assistant to the Pope, resigned in the wake of sexual abuse charges.

In Australia 51 priests were sentenced in the past nine years.

In Canada over 2,000 compensation claims have been filed by Indians alone.

The church in Ireland faces, in the words of the Irish Times, "the greatest institutional crisis in its modern history", with the Irish taxpayer contributing about one fifth of $500m required to pay off claims of abuse by over 3,000 victims covering 30 years.

It will be news to some of us that in England 21 priests were convicted of sexual molestation in the past seven years.

What advice from the Pope? Well he said:
"People need to know that there is no place in the priesthood and religious life for those who would harm the young. Such abuse is by every standard wrong and is rightly considered a crime by society. It is also an appalling sin in the eyes of God."

But, in the second and final sentence:
"We cannot forget the power of Christian conversion, that radical decision to turn away from sin and back to God which reaches to the depths of a person 's soul and can work extraordinary change."

Well one cardinal, at least, has believed steadily in the possibility of extraordinary change, even after 20 and more years of switching parishes for the Boston priest, whom another American cardinal in Rome called "a moral monster".

In all this we've heard nothing of grief for the child victims.

One Catholic journalist here has written: "The bishops' compassion for their colleagues is as florid as it is chilling."

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The pope is a rat bastard that needs to proclaim to the world that the god he worships is just a made up figure that is there to give the pope power over the rest of the cult.

Oh, and he needs to stop hiding pedophiles from law enforcement.
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