Mary and Baby Jesus sighted in Funyun -- SOLD!

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Mary and Baby Jesus sighted in Funyun -- SOLD!

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<img src="" align=middle> No, Funyun is not a town in southeast Asia.

AP via The Charlotte Observer (North Carolina) ... 341660.htm
'Holy' Funyun sells for $609
Funyun said to be shaped like Virgin Mary and baby Jesus

CRAWLEY, W.Va. (AP) - A Greenbrier County man believes some recent good luck came from a higher power -- and that it revealed itself in the form of a Funyun.

John Mize -- a law clerk from Crawley -- says he recently found a Funyun under his car seat that was shaped like the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus.

Now an anonymous online bidder has committed to pay $609 for the onion-flavored snack food parcel.

Mize -- who offered the Funyun on e-Bay for 99 cents last month -- says they it may have helped him graduate from law school, pass the bar exam and land his dream job.

Now he hopes the Funyun will bring someone else good fortune.
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This one is better: