Bronx schoolteacher's date with God

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Bronx schoolteacher's date with God

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Bronx School Evacuated After Teacher’s Threat
A Bronx educational building that houses three public middle schools with about 1,200 students was evacuated by the authorities around 8:30 a.m. Friday after a disgruntled computer teacher claimed to have planted a bomb in the library — a claim that officials said turned out to be false.

The Police Department dispatched officers, hostage negotiators and bomb squad technicians to the scene, after the teacher, evidently angry about being reassigned because of a disciplinary proceeding, made the threat, the authorities said. The teacher, a union chapter chairman at the school, barricaded himself inside a computer lab, but he surrendered to the authorities around 11:15 a.m.

The teacher, identified by union officials as Francisco Garabitos, 55 and an employee of the school system since 1981, worked at New Millennium Business Academy Middle School, or Middle School 328.


An official with knowledge of the case said that Mr. Garabitos was a union chapter chairman at the school and had received a letter on Thursday informing him that he was being reassigned to a so-called rubber room — a term for classrooms where teachers removed from teaching duties are assigned — as discipline for imposing corporal punishment on a student.

The teacher barricaded himself in the classroom, saying, “I have a date with God,” the official said. Although there were no students in the classroom, the roughly 1,200 children attending the three schools on the educational campus were evacuated, and the police were summoned.

See? Nobody got hurt because God was protecting them.

BTW, that's the neighborhood of Yankee Stadium.
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God is a Yankees Fan then?
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sparks wrote:God is a Yankees Fan then?
He likes to play Hammity now and then.
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