The result of pandering to fundies maybe?

How can we expose more people to critical thinking?


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The result of pandering to fundies
Just one more aspect of creeping meatballism triumphant
Other (please answer)
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The result of pandering to fundies maybe?

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Or just one more aspect of creeping meatballism triumphant?

Students falling behind in biosciences (MSNBC)
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Middle and high school students across the country are generally falling behind in life sciences, and the nation is at risk of producing a dearth of qualified workers for the fast-growing bioscience industry, according to a report released Monday.

Students are showing less interest in taking life sciences and science courses, and high schools are doing a poor job of preparing students for college-level science, says the report, funded and researched by Battelle, the Biotechnology Industry Organization and the Biotechnology Institute. The deficiencies will hurt the country's competitiveness with the rest of the world in the knowledge-based economy, the report concludes.

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Post by eli54 »

"Teaching To The Test" has all but ruined the American education system, and tends to boot out otherwise bright students who don't toe the line.
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Post by Nyarlathotep »

A combination of things.

A little bit of outright pandering to the fundies (in fundy heavy areas), a little bit of being scared of the fundies raising a stink if they think you might be promoting the idea of evil-lution (in less fundy heavy areas), a little bit of our school system sucking in general, and probably a bunch of other things I haven't even thought of as well.

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I think the ability to find gainful employment in scientific fields without having advanced degrees plays into it somewhat. When I graduated with my bachelor's degree, I couldn't find jack shit for work in a laboratory. When I finished my master's it was marginally easier, but all of the good jobs I found required relocation.