How can we expose more people to critical thinking?
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çàïîëíèòå àíêåòó ó÷àñòíèêà ðîçûãðûøà
è âûèãðàéòå íîâûé Sony Ericsson w810
ðåãèñòðàöèÿ ó÷àñòíèêîâ ðîçûãðûøà

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Well, oioeoaiioeoeuiiaue yourself!
"If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight! Sun Tzu said that, and I'd say he knows a little bit more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it, and then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor. Then, he used his fight money to buy two of every animal on earth, and then he herded them onto a boat, and then he beat the crap out of every single one. And from that day forward any time a bunch of animals are together in one place it's called a zoo! (Beat) Unless it's a farm!"
--Soldier, TF2

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And maybe a w00t!
The most important things in life–beauty, grace, redemption, compassion, loyalty, love–are beyond the reach of reason. Which doesn’t make them any less real. Stay far back: I'm allergic to Stupid.

The simple rule, the greatest plan, that he should keep who has the power, and he should take who can.

The only enemies of guns: rust ... and politicians.

Philanthropist (n.) - Someone who spends his own money to advance his version of Utopia. Socialist (n.) - Someone who spends your money to advance his version of Utopia.

“Jesus loves the little cheeses, all the cheeses of the world. Swiss and Cheddar, stinky, too. If He loved them, so should you. Jesus loves the little cheeses of the world.”

I'm right 98% of the time; who cares about the other 3%?

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It would seem someone got a hold of that password.
When one considers that our planet is doomed, at least as far as life is concerned, it is impossible to put meaningful value on the titanic forward struggle of life on Earth through billions of years. This struggle, whether conscious or not, appears agonizingly futile if the gigantic mass contribution can not be perpetuated.
- Philip N. Shockey, "Space Journal", March-May, 1959

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:( Makes me miss Charley.
Aw, come here you sullen little gothy girl. -Bruce

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ting tang walla walla bing bang!
Grayman wrote:If masturbation led to homosexuality you'd think by now I'd at least have better fashion sense.