Texas Education

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Texas Education

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Thousands Protest Texas School Budget Cuts
Thousands of teachers, students and parents flocked to the Texas Capitol on Saturday to protest a proposal to cut $10 billion in state education spending, which they say will force widespread teacher layoffs and ruin public schools.
And yet, some school districts can afford this:

Allen High School in Texas nears completion of new $60 million football stadium
Allen High in suburban Dallas is nearing the completion of a $60 million upgrade that will transform its football stadium into a college-style coliseum.

The state-of-the-art behemoth will boast an 18,000-seat horseshoe seating area with an upper deck, a video scoreboard, a two-tier press box, concession stands as well as an arts auditorium, training room and indoor practice arena for the golf team
The poll:

Do you think the stadium is excessive?

Yes! $60 million for a high school stadium is way too much.
No! Football is religion in Texas, plus its a huge school district.
I'm not sure.
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Re: Texas Education

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Texas Education=Oxymoron
You can lead them to knowledge, but you can't make them think.

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Re: Texas Education

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sparks wrote:Texas Education=Oxymoron
LOL you got that right.

I lived and worked in Texas for years, thankfully before my children were school-age.