Evangelical Church Gets Approval For School

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Evangelical Church Gets Approval For School

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Evangelical church application to set up new free school where it will teach creationism is approved
An evangelical church with creationism at the heart of its belief system has been given outline approval to run a free school.

An application by the Everyday Champions Church, based in Newark, Nottinghamshire, has been accepted by the Department for Education.

The church intends to teach the biblical belief that God created the world in six days, but evolution will only be taught as a 'theory'...

...'We believe that the Bible is God's Word. It is accurate, authoritative and applicable to our every day lives.'
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Re: Evangelical Church Gets Approval For School

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You mean "evangelical" instead of CofE or Muslim.

Horrors! :BigGrin3:.
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Re: Evangelical Church Gets Approval For School

Post by Philip »

Yeah, considering the undercover videos made in Muslim schools in the UK that I've seen, a school being creationist is a comparatively mild offense. My complaint if I were a UK citizen would be that religious schools receive government funds.

There are plenty of Christian academies in the US that teach the Bible as fact, and even public schools tend to ignore evolution to avoid controversy.

Several states have passed laws that mandate teaching ID in public schools or at least promote treating evolution by natural selection as less than fact.

Parents in atheist groups of which I'm a member have complained about teachers and even school principals promoting religion in public schools here in the Bible belt.

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Re: Evangelical Church Gets Approval For School

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