PA school board approves (un)"intelligent design"

How can we expose more people to critical thinking?
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Denise wrote:How is intelligent design taught? I can't see more than five minutes of class time needed. The teacher could stand up and say "Some people think God did it, and is doing it still." Then, "Let's move on to the theory of evolution, which doesn't address a diety either way, being a scientific theory."
This is actually very close to how my high school biology teacher handled it (though it was just creationism then- "ID" meant something you showed to buy beer).

I had a bit of a creationist streak in me then (if I recall correctly), but I recall thinking he gave it too much time. There's just not a lot to say about it- "Goddiddit"
I guess there he chose to err on the side of more votes. -[size=75]Grammatron[/size]

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Once ID is required curriculum, the discussion will turn to textbooks, and that's where the money is, not to mention the indoctrination. It isn't just about giving lip service to cockamamie ideas.
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