Chrome Plated Education

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Rob Lister
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Chrome Plated Education

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I happened across a slashdot article guiding me to an opensource article about some guy starting some movement to make the chromebook, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, standard educational equipment for every school pupil, grade X and up.

Link: ... iling-list

He doesn't do well selling it. His plan is to strip it down to it's processor and keyboard and use an external monitor and purely plug-in dependent. He also makes a lackluster hashtag call to action for other educators to get on board.

He's a teacher, not a marketer, so I forgive him.

Minus the strip down fail, I like the idea enough to toss it hand-to-hand and get a feel for it.

I would not strip it down because doing so requires not one monitor, but two: one for the class and one for home. While it would make it less likely to be damaged in the daily double school/home transit, other solutions exist--ruggedization, for example.

The cost of a single chromebook is roughly $200 retail. Perhaps much of that cost can be offset in other ways. Perhaps the end cost would even be much less than the current cost.

Besides, the graphing calculators I paid for out of pocket (three fucking times) for my kids' math classes were about $75 each, iirc. The were decidedly not rugged.

I understand that school systems are already doing things like this in a haphazard sort of way. It is very unorganized. There's little structure to it.

I'm not sure how it would be implemented though. There are lots of devils in those details. Education is a process with tons of dependencies and feeds and culture and stovepipes and minutia.

So the question is not how a teacher would implement it. The question is how a school system would implement it, all the way down to each individual student and rolled up to a graduating class.

There needs to be a pretty thorough use case analysis; that's the hard part because it would inevitably become political.

I see a more rugged version which would not increase cost significantly over a million units.
I see a keyed and serialized firmware version to dissuade theft.
I see a fairly strong, fairly specific policy agent
I see a potential for cellular on some versions; more like whispernet as a data plan.

Take me up.

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Re: Chrome Plated Education

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I like stories.

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