Textbook Disclaimers

How can we expose more people to critical thinking?
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Textbook Disclaimers

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http://www.swarthmore.edu/NatSci/cpurri ... sclaimers/

"Wording for the first disclaimer is taken verbatim from the sticker designed by the Cobb County School District"
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Very scary. Wonder if they would consider putting such a sticker on the bible?

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My father would have appreciated the humour in this (he had a 1967 Chevy Malibu at the time all the hot rodders were putting giant Ford and Chevy stickers on their cars - my dad put a big Ford sticker on his Chevy. The hotrodders thought he was nuts, but dad laughed at them twice - putting the wrong sticker on his car, then laughing when they didn't get the joke)

PS - I think it's damned funny too. :P
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I believe such has been crushed by the Supreme Court, though perhaps one of the lawyers can answer.

Starts kicking over rocks. . . .

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Be a durn' sight better if they'd put a Jesus sticker in those books. This evolution jibber-jabber can't stand a chance against Jesus!