Demand for evidence that "abstinence" works

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Demand for evidence that "abstinence" works

Post by Pyrrho »

They're asking for data to show that "abstenence only" sex education actually works. Damn skeptics...

Abstinence only
Over the past five years, Ohio has spent $32 million on abstinence-only programs despite a dearth of peer-reviewed research supporting the approach.

Forty agencies, many of them faith- based, used the tax dollars to hire educators and speakers, launch snazzy- looking Web sites, and organize media campaigns championing the virtues of virginity to hormone-charged adolescents. They are teaching in middle and high schools.

"There are lots of programs out there for safer sex and contraceptives," said Cheryl Biddle, executive director of Abstinence the Better Choice in Akron. "We want to balance the scale. I'm always going to stress abstinence-until- marriage because there is such a dearth of this kind of message out there."
Well...just because there's a dearth doesn't mean the message is valid..
But critics say there is no clear evidence the programs have reduced teen pregnancies or sexual diseases, and have asked the Ohio Department of Health, which oversees most of the abstinence-only projects in the state, to stop paying for the programs until the data prove their worth.

"None of us think it's a good idea for 13-year-olds to be having sex," said Earl Pike, executive director of the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland, Ohio's largest private AIDS service provider. "That's not the question. The question is what works to reduce that."

Researchers generally agree that the expanding field of abstinence- only education is in need of rigorous study.

A combination of state and federal money helps pay for the programs, now in nearly all of Ohio's 88 counties.

The movement took off during the Clinton administration, but federal support has risen dramatically under President Bush, a champion of the approach.

The programs operate with minimal federal oversight and no statewide standards to measure performance.
Whoops...accountability...what a concept...
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Doctor X
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Post by Doctor X »

Where to begin? So much political rhetoric in this. If one opposes the blind abstinence teaching then one WANTS THE CHILDREN . . . THE CHILDREN to have sex!!!!!!!

Like teaching about the dangers of speeding, and country western music.

Unfortunate but necessary.

In the rain.

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Post by Mulebear »

Doctor X wrote:Like teaching about the dangers of speeding, and country western music.
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Abdul Alhazred
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Post by Abdul Alhazred »

Part of a general failure of the schools to teach anything, maybe?
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