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Vic Daring
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Forteo....For any medical types

Post by Vic Daring »

As you might guess by my avatar, I'm a pretty big Oakland A's fan.

Recently, the A's gold-glove third baseman Eric Chavez broke a bone in his hand after being hit by a pitch.

Apparently, the A's medical staff, are using Forteo as a supplement to the usual treatment and rehab routine.

A little research on my part shows that Forteo is a drug designed to stimulate bone growth. But, it's only approved by the FDA to treat those at risk for osteoperosis-related fractures, particualy post menopausal women.

Some Forteo Stuff

Some Forteo controversy

There's no mention of it being intended for the purpose the A's are using it for, which is to hopefully speed the healing process in Chavez' broken hand.

Is this as risky and reckless as it seems on its face? I mean, I can see the human clinical studies show no cancer incidence, but they are apparently only studied 2 years out.

Thoughts? Input? Anything?
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Post by Cloverlief »

As it is approved for treatment of bone fractures albeit in a restricted group, it probably won't cause any more problems for your baseball player than for a menopausal woman outside of the stated side-effects. At best, it may be useless, but useless treatments are not uncommon as a placebo effect or a doctor stretching beyond medical protocols in hopes of finding the magic bullet, so to speak.

Working in industrial insurance, we don't approve any treatments that haven't been FDA approved for the body part being treated, but that has more to do with whether the treatment will be of actual benefit rather than harm.

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Post by MRC_Hans »

There was a survey some time ago, I wonder if anybody has a reference for it. They asked a number of athletes that if there was a drug that was:

1) Guaranteed to be undetectable.

2) Guaranteed to ensure them an Olympic medal.

3) Guaranteed to shorten their life several decades.

-- would they then use it. A frightingly large proportion answered yes. Of course, the fact that it was a hypothetical question might have influenced some of the answers, but when you see what athletes actually do risk to win.......
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