Hybrid Cars

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Hybrid Cars

Post by Bearguin »

Anyone have some good info on how Hybrids work?

I'm only curious as the current renditions are too small for my needs but I was wondering how they do on highway drives or if they only really shine in the city where they can regenerate the batteries through braking.

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Post by Mr.Weasel »

My Insight gets about 35 mpg in the city and 70-75 on the highway. It takes very little energy to keep a very light car at a constant speed.

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Post by bug_girl »

i love my insight.
I also have driven both the honda and toyota full size hybrids, since our university motor pool has them. The prius, especially, drives like a sports car! it has a lot of punch.

the insight doesn't like big hills, but that's all i can find to say negative about it. i average 55mpg.