The aliens are silent because they're dead

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Re: The aliens are silent because they're dead

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gnome wrote: Wed Dec 02, 2020 2:56 am I've got an affinity for the Early Birds theory, even though that's kind of a disappointing one. It's my hunch.
I like all of them except 'the rare earth' and 'the great silence'. they're both silly, imo

I like best "in a galaxy far far away" but I would add 'a long long time ago', We've only been [radio] visible for 125 years and are becoming less visible every year. So unless that ET is within that tiny, tiny 150 ly sphere, ET can't 'see' us. And even they could -- like though other means of detection -- it will be another ly sphere before they could respond. AND, I suspect SETI has exhausted the possibility of 'a close one'.