Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array

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Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array

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Seems there are some amateur astronomers here on the forum who might be interested in this.

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The kindle edition is currently free on Amazon:

So of course I now own it.

If you want the PDF version, it is currently free on the publisher's website: ... 1142/10986

Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
ISBN: 978-981-3270-08-4 (hardcover) $128.00
copyright 2019

This book summarizes the science to be carried out by the upcoming Cherenkov Telescope Array, a major ground-based gamma-ray observatory that will be constructed over the next six to eight years. The major scientific themes, as well as core program of key science projects, have been developed by the CTA Consortium, a collaboration of scientists from many institutions worldwide.

CTA will be the major facility in high-energy and very high-energy photon astronomy over the next decade and beyond. CTA will have capabilities well beyond past and present observatories. Thus, CTA's science program is expected to be rich and broad and will complement other major multiwavelength and multimessenger facilities. This book is intended to be the primary resource for the science case for CTA and it thus will be of great interest to the broader physics and astronomy communities. The electronic version (e-book) is available in open access.

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Re: Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array

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CTA’s unique capabilities will include:
  • CTA will have unprecedented accuracy and will be 10 times more sensitive than existing instruments
  • An energy resolution of 10 percent will improve CTA’s ability to look for spectral features and lines associated with the annihilation of dark matter particles
  • Rapid slewing in as low as 20 seconds will allow CTA to catch gamma-ray bursts ‘in the act’ of exploding
  • Energies as low as 20 GeV will allow CTA to probe transient and time-variable gamma-ray phenomena in the very distant universe with unprecedented precision
  • Energies up to 300 TeV will push CTA beyond the edge of the known electromagnetic spectrum, providing a completely new view of the sky and allowing us to search for extreme particle accelerators
  • A field of view of eight degrees will allow CTA to survey the sky much faster and measure very extended regions of gamma-ray emission
  • An angluar resolution approaching one arcminute will allow CTA to resolve many cosmic sources to understand how ultra-relativistic particles are distributed in and around these systems