Light has torque!

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Abdul Alhazred
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Light has torque!

Post by Abdul Alhazred »


Discovered: A new property of light
Space Daily
Researchers have discovered that light can possess a new property, self-torque. This discovery could open up exciting possibilities in light-related applications, researchers explain in a related video, including as relates to the improvement of smart phones and hard drives. The utility of light is tightly connected to our ability to control light.

In addition to many well-known properties like intensity and wavelength, light can be twisted, possessing what's known as angular momentum, something researchers have known for several decades. Beams carrying highly structured angular momentum, or orbital angular momentum (OAM), are known as vortex beams.

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Re: Light has torque!

Post by ed »

vortex beams :o
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Re: Light has torque!

Post by ceptimus »

That's some pretty rich word salad right there.
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Re: Light has torque!

Post by Bruce »

Makes you wonder if light has other properties that are normally associated with matter. Tinsel strength? Sheer? Bernoulli Effect?
Such potential!
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Doctor X
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Re: Light has torque!

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Yeah, but does it got rhythm?

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Rob Lister
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Re: Light has torque!

Post by Rob Lister »

Seems legit. Practicality seems questionable.

video here
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Re: Light has torque!

Post by robinson »

Electron beams can also have this

They actually call them electron vortex beams