Mosquitoes engineered to repel dengue virus

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Mosquitoes engineered to repel dengue virus

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Mosquitoes engineered to repel dengue virus
Science Daily

Scientists have synthetically engineered mosquitoes that halt the transmission of the dengue virus. Biologists developed a human antibody for dengue suppression in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, the insects that spread dengue. The development marks the first engineered approach in mosquitoes that targets the four known types of dengue, improving upon previous designs that addressed single strains.

Something new for the "all natural" gang to oppose.
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Re: Mosquitoes engineered to repel dengue virus

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Presumably the antibody could be constructed to interfere with intestinal flora so that they could be released in an area where everyone would come down with the shits. They would be engineered so that they die in a month.

Not sure what that does for anybody but it is possible I suppose.
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