Christian dinosaur hunters dig for signs of Biblical dragons

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Scientist aren't out to prove anything. They are out to discover the truth by gathering data, proposing theories, and gathering more data to see if those theories can be supported. The evidence is allowed to speak for itself and no theory is impenetrable to scrutiny.

These people are the exact opposite of scientists. If you are out to "prove" something that you already have 100% faith in, guess what, every artifact you pick up will support your beliefs 100%. If the evidence is not allow to speak for itself, then it isn't science, and it doesn't proove anything.

I don't understand why they are doing this. Zealots don't need evidence to convince other zealots, and they should already know that their methods will never convince a scientist.

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Apparently the place where they're digging is so lousy with dinosaur bones sticking up through the surface that it's unlikely that real paleontologists would ever have the time, or the funding, to go after all of them. To me, the real danger is that these people might be casually rooting up something that in a real paleontologist's hands would be a ground-breaking discovery, but instead it's going to be put away forever in somebody's "See? This Proves The Flood!" display case.

Kent Hovind's IRS hot-seat is still pending. They only got started in April, and these things can take years. ... 2005c.html
In a sworn statement to obtain a search warrant, IRS agent Scott Schneider said none of Hovind's enterprises has a business license or tax-exempt status as a nonprofit entity.

< snip >

[Glen Stoll, director of Remedies at Law, an Edmonds, Wash., firm that represents [Hovind] and his operations] said the IRS allegations were "based on misperceptions."

"They don't understand how the church is created and registered, how it operates under church law, which is entirely separate from secular authority," Stoll said.
IOW, "Those federal tax rules don't apply to us because of the separation of church and state..."

So they understand the tax laws about as well as they understand paleontology. Why am I not surprised?

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Am I right in thinking I've seen Glen Stoll wearing another hat, a creationist hat, in another scenario? In fact, doesn't this story illuminate the situation more? (Article: Hovind schadenfreude)

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Wadda y'know? Isn't THIS wonderfully explanatory about Mr Stoll?
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