Surreal: The Onion providing GOP talking points now?

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Surreal: The Onion providing GOP talking points now?

Post by Sundog » Fri Sep 24, 2004 9:30 pm

(September 24, 2004 -- 03:46 PM EDT // link // print)
In a startling development late in the presidential campaign cycle, editors of the satirical magazine The Onion have taken over the Bush-Cheney '04 Communications Office and seized at least operational control of Winger Central (WC), the office in downtown Washington near the corner of 17th and M, which sends out marching orders to conservative columnists.

The first sign of the overnight take-over came when Charles Krauthammer led off with this morning's column in the Post charging Sen. Kerry with being insufficiently respectful and supportive of America's traditional allies. ... Sep23.html

Confirmation of the scope of the takeover came later in the afternoon when President Bush denounced Kerry for dissing American allies. ... pr/bush_26

"You can't lead this country" while undercutting a valued ally, the president said.

Rumors of a coming attack on Kerry for war-profiteering in connection with a secret no-bid ketchup contract for the Heinz Corporation could not be confirmed as this story went to press.

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Post by Pyrrho » Fri Sep 24, 2004 11:05 pm

The GOP is now claiming, in campaign literature, that liberals will ban the Bible.
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