The real Women’s March: German women will protest against migrant violence on Sunday

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The real Women’s March: German women will protest against migrant violence on Sunday

Post by Skeeve » Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:39 pm

The real Women’s March: German women will protest against migrant violence on Sunday
After an explosion of migrant violence, a lot of Germans are done with it and have started protesting.

Last weekend a group of 2,500 people protested against migrant violence in Cottbus and this Sunday women want to protest in Kandel. The city is a symbolic place, because a 15-year-old girl was brutally murdered there, by an Afghan migrant.

The women will protest for the future of their children and say “this is the a starting signal for an alliance of women and mothers who no longer want to hide in the future. It’s enough! Because Kandel is everywhere”!

The demonstration against migrant violence will start at 3 pm local time, on Sunday in Kandel and the women invite everyone to join them.

According to the YouTube promotion video, the planned demonstration is organised by women and mothers and it is the answer to the “irresponsibility of the masses, which made innumerable amount of violence in the country possible”.

A member of Merkel’s party seems to agree with the statement. The CDU party member and civil rights activist Vera Lengsfeld says: “Since the murder of Kandel, we hear about new acts of violence almost every day”. She gives several examples of serious acts of violence committed by migrants.

Lengsfeld adds that “the chaos in which politics drives our country can only be prevented by us citizens. The organized irresponsibility of politics must be opposed by a decisive ‘no’. The women’s demonstration in Kandel must be the beginning of a determined resistance”, she says.
That was January 27th, I don't know what became of the march, but this 'social media' response is interesting...

Europe’s women rise up: More than 1.5 million views for anti-migrant violence campaign video
The campaign that was launched by German women against migrant violence is becoming very successful. Its video has over 1.5 million views and women from all over Europe are using the 120db hashtag.

The 120 decibel (120db) movement is named after the noise level of the “rape alarms” some women in Germany carry in their handbags. Its campaign was launched last week by a group of women who are increasingly worried about migrant violence and sexual assaults.
Other forms of protests have started to emerge in Germany as well. In cities like Cottbus and Kandel there were big protests against migrant violence and several new ones have been planned. Especially women play an important role in Germany’s protests. A “Women’s March” against migrant violence will be organised in Berlin on 17 February.
That is coming up, so we'll see.

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