Is Huge Publishing Hoax ‘Hilarious and Delightful’...?

Lies, damned lies, and statistics.
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Is Huge Publishing Hoax ‘Hilarious and Delightful’...?

Post by Skeeve » Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:24 am

Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship

and another article (a bit shorter)...
‘Sokal Squared’: Is Huge Publishing Hoax ‘Hilarious and Delightful’ or an Ugly Example of Dishonesty and Bad Faith?
Reactions to an elaborate academic-journal hoax, dubbed "Sokal Squared" by one observer, came fast and furious on Wednesday. Some scholars applauded the hoax for unmasking what they called academe’s leftist, victim-obsessed ideological slant and low publishing standards.
Okay if you don't have time to read it, here is a funny review....

Part III: Why Did We Do This?

Because we’re racist, sexist, bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, transhysterical, anthropocentric, problematic, privileged, bullying, far right-wing, cishetero straight white males (and one white female who was demonstrating her internalized misogyny and overwhelming need for male approval) who wanted to enable bigotry, preserve our privilege, and take the side of hate?

No. None of those apply. Nevertheless, we’ll be accused of it, and we have some insights into why.

To many not involved in academia, particularly those who are skeptical of its worth generally, it may seem like we’re addressing yet another obscure academic squabble of little relevance to the real world. You are mistaken. The problem we’ve been studying is of the utmost relevance to the real world and everyone in it.
There is alot more...oh yea, the papers accepted (AND published!) are a hoot.
Here is my favorite.


Title: An Ethnography of Breastaurant Masculinity: Themes of Objectification, Sexual Conquest, Male Control, and Masculine Toughness in a Sexually Objectifying Restaurant
Richard Baldwin, Ph.D., Gulf Coast State College

Journal: Sex Roles

Status: Accepted, Published

Thesis: That men frequent “breasturants” like Hooters because they are nostalgic for patriarchal dominance and enjoy being able to order attractive women around. The environment that breastaurants provide for facilitating this encourages men to identify sexual objectification and sexual conquest, along with masculine toughness and male dominance, with “authentic masculinity.” The data are clearly nonsense and conclusions drawn from it are unwarranted by it. (NB. One reviewer did raise concerns about the rigor of the data).

Purpose: To see if journals will publish papers that seek to problematize heterosexual men’s attraction to women and will accept very shoddy qualitative methodology and ideologically-motivated interpretations which support this.

Then Skank Of America could start in...

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Re: Is Huge Publishing Hoax ‘Hilarious and Delightful’...?

Post by Abdul Alhazred » Fri Oct 05, 2018 10:52 am

It's not hilarious or delightful, but it is a good thing to expose corruption.

"Academia" as such no longer exists.
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