Osiris Ransomware

The war between wetware and hardware.
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Re: Osiris Ransomware

Post by Doctor X » Tue May 16, 2017 12:13 am







P.S. I am fortunate not to have to update PCs. Macs have only one update that autodetects which OS version you have. These are not automatic since, as with any OS be it Mac or M$, the first version tends to make everyone "beta testers" and sometimes That Software I Need is behind and may get borked by the update.

Online updates have become far better. "Back in the Day" OS updates could get bork due to fluctuations in the Internet Waves so most prefer to download an update . . . which requires at least two steps. Image Security Updates do not bork anything.

In fact, just updated whilst cycling! Image

From the article, a major criticism is the paid updates for multi-users: as in corporations. I did not realize M$ still did that. WAY BACK, Mac charged for OS updates--but not security--until it realized getting someone hooked on your OS was a fantastic way to keep customers.

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Re: Osiris Ransomware

Post by Pyrrho » Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:16 pm

...so on this forum server there's a default email address which for some reason had collected 150 megs of email. I decide to see what's in there. Loaded up a virtual Linux machine and set up Thunderbird. Starts downloading the emails. Avast immediately threw up an alert about Locky ransomware in a ZIP attachment. Hadn't even clicked on an email, so thanks, Avast.

I shut down the virtual machine, ran antivirus scan, all is well. Killing that temporary Thunderbird account.

Have logged on to the server and manually deleted the mailbox contents without opening anything. Nothing good in there.
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