odd excel prob

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odd excel prob

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I am trying to get the year from a column of dates. I am using right(cell,4) and I get odd results
6/3/2017 2017
8/12/2017 2017
9/5/2017 2017
10/7/2017 2017
12/3/2017 2017
6/xx/2017 2017
2/14/2015 2049
3/8/2015 2071
6/20/2015 2175
9/23/2015 2270
9/20/1988 2406
2/28/2016 2428
4/19/2016 2479
5/29/2016 2519
7/18/2016 2569
7/23/2016 2574
8/7/2016 2589
Cell formats are the same.

Is this another example of the paranormal?
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Re: odd excel prob

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Convert the dates to "string" before using the "right" function.
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Re: odd excel prob

Post by gnome »


Supposing the dates are in column A and starting with row 2, and your Year formula is in B2:


Copy down. Done.
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Re: odd excel prob

Post by Mentat »

In excel, what you see is not always the same data format that functions see. If in doubt, cast to another format or use a different function.
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