Graphics card upgrade

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Graphics card upgrade

Post by Pyrrho »

I think this old EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS is responsible for the random lockups I've been getting on this machine. Most recently got a BSOD after starting an RPG. BSOD said, "Video TDR Failure" with a sys file for the video card drivers identified as the culprit.

Thinking about the GTX 1030 series.

Or not.

I dunno. Not spending a shitload of money on this.
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Re: Graphics card upgrade

Post by Witness »

When the fan on my (old computer's) NVIDIA died, I bought a "silent" (passive cooling) card. Wise choice, completely different work environment. :)

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Re: Graphics card upgrade

Post by ceptimus »

The price of modern graphics cards is inflated right now because they were all being bought by bitcoin miners. Now the bubble has burst prices should return to a more reasonable level.