CONFESS!!! Your Guilty Pleasure

Drama queens must check their tiaras at the door.
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Bolero is one of the hardest 'mainstream' classical pieces. Its flucking hard to extend a snare crecendo over 14 makes me go insane when I tried to play it.

I listen to Bizet's Carmen just because someone did a version replacing the words with 'Beer'. (check kazaa)


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Why should I confess to something I like. I am not guilty surely?

I like music, it's like an old jumper, saggy, baggy and a Little thread bare but comforting, warm and familiar.

I like the Muppet's theme tune.

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Doctor X wrote:So long as it is not Richard Harris complaining about a cake he left in the rain . . . which he cannot "take it" . . . .

I first heard the Donna Summer version of MacArthur Park. I was pretty sure I was not hearing the lyrics correctly.

Then I heard Richard Harris. Nope, I had heard them correctly. This may be the only case where fake lyrics would make more sense then the real ones. Not sure it has an entry on the “Excuse me while I kiss this guy” web site.

Also heard an interview with the guy who wrote it on “Fresh Air”. (NPR). He did not really want to explain where the words came from. I remember him saying that psychoactive drugs were not involved.

What? My guilty pleasure? Not talking. Some secrets are best kept secrets. Suffice to say that I have a decent collection of mid ‘80s rock on vinyl.
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