Whatever happened to..........?

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Doctor X wrote:They fell flat. . . .

By the way, it is SIR William Swenk Gilbert, to you:
My object all sublime
I shall achieve in time,
To make the punishment fit the crime,
The Punishment fit the crime!
--J. "See Topsy Turvy" D.
I have it on DVD, it's one of my favourite films. A wonderfully good period film. I'm a G&S buff from way back.

Ah, one of my favourites...
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What is odd is that some of the cast is in Trainspotting.

The Soccer-Player-AIDS-Victim plays the Tenor--"I always appear in my corset!!"

The suprano . . . who ends the film wonderfully . . . plays "Sickboy"--methinks I have the name right, the really geeky guy--girlfriend . . . until he gets really drunk and takes a . . . er . . . well . . . you know . . . in the bed.

Returning to the top, me Sis who is an expert on these things--she denounced Titantic because, apparently, Kate had a color of hair "not invented yet!"--confirms that many of the people in Topsy Turvy are trying to put on an act--act above their station. Hence the ultra-formality of the producers. The Tenor has a properly "fake" English accent trying to mask his Scot "Burr"--which comes out when he is angry.

Nice little details.

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Yes, Topsy Turvy did seem to be a collection of "the usual suspects" in British film at the time. They have turned up in many other places: Jim Broadbent (Gilbert) went on to do films like Moulon Rouge and Iris, and Tim Spall's ugly mug (Mikado) has been getting lots of screen time too!

And the humour is a reflection of G&S's own operetta style, which was a light-hearted jab at the stuffiness of their own time - even Zeplette laughs at the telephone scenes, and I find the falsetto-in-the-brothel scene hilarious every time.

OK, you've convinced me - I'll go watch it again in the next few days!

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Steven Tyler?
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The Central Scrutinizer wrote:Whatever happened to Abe Lincoln?
he went into the logging business.