Just saw 'Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow'

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Just saw 'Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow'

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Just saw 'Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow' and being a BIG fan of old serials and pulps I thought it was great. It was part film noir, part Flash Gordon, and had all the elements of 40's hero fiction.

Heroes, giant robots, impossible tech...had it all. I could see influences from everything from Terry and the Pirates to Fleisher-style Superman animation.

I'm sure that my admiration for the Amazing Science, Secret Agent, Doc Savage type of stories is coloring my feelings about the movie. But I enjoyed it and I'll let others rip it apart if they want. I'll get the DVD when it comes out.

I enjoyed the retro-future styles, a nod from when fiction saw endless possibilities in iron gears and radio waves.

Jude Law was the archetype dashing hero, Gwyneth Paltrow the plucky Lois Lane, and Ribbisi played the Andy Rooney, kid side-kick to a tee. Angelina Jolie thankfully had a smaller role, but she pulled it off by not trying to be a star. The story was classic mad scientist threatens the world. The hero didn't need hackneyed reasons for fighting evil, he just did it because that's what heroes do.

Gwyneth was so max-factor pretty and classy, I just wish I could lock her in a secret basement room forever and watch her through a hole drilled through my floor, so she would stay untouched and angelic forever.

In watching the film it seemed obvious that probably 99% of it was shot on green screen. Probably a big money-saver these days.

And I won't spoil the end for anyone, but the last scene was great and I was surprised they used it for the fade out.
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I won't be seeing it until next week, but if others post in this thread, please warn of spoilers! I'd like to read reactions as long as nothing big is given away.
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If it wasn't for the good CGI animations, the movie would be a total loss. I'd describe it as pure hardware freak sci fi.

Don't go there expecting great acting. As a matter of fact, I can't recall ANY acting, with the exception of Angelina Jolie. She had the best range of expression and personality.

My personal opinion is that it would have worked better if the director had decided to shoot a movie either in full black-and-white, or in color. I grew REAL tired of the muddy muted pastel darkish out-of-focusy style after about the first five minutes.

The story line is as Grade B, standard plot Number 489. Predictable. Boring. Weak.

It was worth the $8.00 to see it once.

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