What have you been watching lately

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Re: What have you been watching lately

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Saw a really good movie last night ... The Vanishing of Sidney Hall. It has been a long time since I have seen a movie as well acted with as good a story as this.

Gotta also say that aside from the lack of gayness, the main character reminds me of Capote. In terms of precocity if nothing else.

Give it a shot. It may seem slow but it is a fucking story fer chrissakes. Give it time.

Read this (I found the Early Stories on line)
https://ia802803.us.archive.org/3/items ... pub%29.pdf

Particularly Miss Belle Rankin
I was eight the first time I saw Miss Belle Rankin. It was a hot
August day. The sun was waning in the scarlet-streaked sky,
and the heat was rising dry and vibrant from the earth.

I sat on the steps of the front porch, watching an
approaching negress, and wondered how she could ever carry
such a huge bundle of laundry on top of her head. She
stopped and in reply to my greeting, laughed, that dark,
drawling negro laughter. It was then that Miss Belle came
walking slowly down the opposite side of the street….

I saw her many times afterwards, but that first vision,
almost like a dream, will always remain the clearest—Miss
Belle, walking soundlessly down the street, little clouds of red
dust rising about her feet as she disappeared into the dusk
He was a teenager when he wrote that.
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Re: What have you been watching lately

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I always like Dee Snider.

– J.D.

P.S. And Azamat!

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Re: What have you been watching lately

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The Flight Attendant is interesting.
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Re: What have you been watching lately

Post by Nyarlathotep »

Doom Patrol on HBOMax

It's a superhero show in that it deals with people who have superhuman abilities. But it isn't really as these are people whose superhuman abilities have basically fucked up their lives and they are trying to deal with it. It's a really weird show. IN one episode they were nearly eaten by a swarm of sentient butts. It's really good, if you have a taste for the bizarre.

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Re: What have you been watching lately

Post by Bruce »

Death to 2020 on Netflix.

Mostly funny, but sadly, it was difficult to distinguish the comedians from the real people.
Such potential!
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Re: What have you been watching lately

Post by ed »

I am not generally a fan of comedy sketches but this one is a bit different. The chick in this 1/2 hour "showcase' is Lauren Lapkus and the theme is a send up of reality shows and airhead, talentless bimbos. It is wincingly good. The character is so horrid you will have trouble watching.

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