SC-JREF Writer's Group Misc. Business & Discussion Threa

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SC-JREF Writer's Group Misc. Business & Discussion Threa

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This thread is for those of us who belong to the writers group started at JREF to discuss whatever miscellaneous business comes to mind. It's also meant to inform writers who are new to the SC boards, but who think they would benefit from a group dynamic that we are here and that they're welcome to join us.

The group is made up of nonfiction and fiction writers of all kinds (literary, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, etc.). We are ready to help each other out with constructive criticism and discussion whenever one of our members needs it, but for the most part, we have one member volunteer each month to distribute a piece of material to the rest of the group via email. Group members then offer whatever suggestions/critique/comments they feel will help the author improve the piece.

If you are a current group member, feel free to add anything I might have overlooked and post to your heart's content. And if you're an aspiring writer looking to be part of a good writers group, send me a Personal Message (PM) with your email address, and I'll give you all the specifics.