Genghis Khan--solving Global Warming before it was cool

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Genghis Khan--solving Global Warming before it was cool

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But don't tell him I said he wasn't cool.

Apparently he caused the death of literally 11% of the world's population in military conquests, resulting in reforestation in the depopulated areas. So replacing many CO2 spewers with CO2 absorbers.

But that's just spin--he had more than enough children and descendants to make up for it. ... after-all/
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Re: Genghis Khan--solving Global Warming before it was cool

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Ugh. In some ways he makes Hitler look like a piker.

Generally, he didn't just conquer territory. If a city didn't surrender immediately, they would make an example of them by literally killing everybody. They were for their time, the ultimate army and nobody seemed to have a military answer. Fortifications didn't work, and no army could stand against them on a field of battle. And they took no prisoners for the most part.
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