American Crime Story 2

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American Crime Story 2

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Recommended to me by Gram's Me Mum--after reminding Anax that she will not dress up as "Sailor Moon" and will not accept "funny money"--unlike True Detective this series took a different case and produced it differently.

The Japanese Original American Crime Story was a Law and Orderesque treatment of the O.J. Trial. It did not spend much time on the victims--though did on their families--and, instead, focused on the prosecutors and defense. Nicely done. The weakest part of it was "O.J." played by the Most Overrated Actor Since John Agar, but fortunately he did not have to "do much."

With this, they take a different approach without royally fucking it up. This is the infamous Versace case which traces him and his assailant, the man hunt, and, yes, all of the prejudice that happened at the time. Along the way, you see a lot of "That Guys/Gals." Cast your mind back to the 90s where being Bruce--not . . . that there's anything wrong-- was still, despite all pretenses otherwise, a "stigma." So watch a cringe-worthy interview of Versace's partner by a detective who seems more interested in satisfying his curiosity than "solving the crime."

That being written, Pyrrho's Mom gives it:


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