Berlin Station

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Berlin Station

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In it's third season now.

Season 1 was pretty good but suffered from the over complication that a lot of spy story's do. Tinker Tailor was the rare example of a very complicated story that remained cogent. This one, less so.

Season 2 has had (I'm at E05) a number of plot holes that can be overlooked ... sorta. The acting and characters are interesting enough to cover for them, for the moment at least.
When they are going to see Hector in Spain the bad guy asks for a background check AFTER they arrive. Does that make any sense at all?
Danial makes Lena's Walther PPK ""inoperable" by removing the recoil spring. Errr ... no. You'd still get one shot from it
various other god in a machine things. Sorta annoying.
Worth a peek for free, not for the cost of a season.
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