Doctor Sleep

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Doctor Sleep

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I have been waiting for this movie since I read the book, and I read the book as soon as it came out. The Shining is one of my favorite movies, despite the difference from the book, and I love the novel as well. So I was prepared to be seriously disappointed, luckily I was not.

Doctor Sleep, the movie, diverged pretty heavily from the book, but I liked it overall. It wasn't a good adaption of the book, TBH. This was exacerbated by the fact that Kubrick's Shining diverged from the book, and the novel Doctor Sleep was a sequel to the novel version of The Shining, whereas the movie Doctor Sleep was a sequel to the Kubrick film. It was, however a good movie on its own merits and a surprisingly decent sequel to Kubrick's masterpiece.

I also have to add that I thought the big bad, "Rose the Hat", was EXACTLY the way I pictured her in the book, both in looks and actions. Ewan Macgregor also nailed the adult Danny Torrance, IMO.

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