A Friend of Ours

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Billy Batts
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A Friend of Ours

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Dis guy was portrayed in Goodfellas when that punk friend of that shit Tommy D walks through the club.

Interesting comments about James Comey.
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Re: A Friend of Ours

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Billy, you've died a couple of times now, one time for real, so that explains why you are a little fucked up in the head. But I gotta ask: what the fuck are you going on about? Who exactly is this moke and why does he get 1 minute of my time. As the kids say "TL:DW".

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Abdul Alhazred
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Re: A Friend of Ours

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Un amico degli amici "a friend of the friends".

Something to do with the Quakers. :notsure:
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Paulie Cicero
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Re: A Friend of Ours

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You could get a nice chicken sangwich from those chickens. At Moe's, over on the boulevard.