NY Times pans Clinton's book

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NY Times pans Clinton's book

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As his celebrated 1993 speech in Memphis to the Church of
God in Christ demonstrated, former President Bill Clinton is
capable of soaring eloquence and visionary thinking. But as
those who heard his deadening speech nominating Michael
Dukakis at the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta
well know, he is also capable of numbing, self-conscious garrulity.

Unfortunately for the reader, Mr. Clinton's much awaited new
autobiography "My Life" more closely resembles the Atlanta
speech, which was so long-winded and tedious that the crowd
cheered when he finally reached the words "In closing . . ."

The book, which weighs in at more than 950 pages, is sloppy,
self-indulgent and often eye-crossingly dull — the sound of one
man prattling away, not for the reader, but for himself and some
distant recording angel of history.

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That merits a :shock:

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I guess the media dug up the interesting stuff years ago, maybe there was nothing exciting to say. Could you imagine if we didn't know about Monica until he disclosed it in the book? The book would sell like hotcakes!