Sorry to Make You Cry XVI

Never agree to 3 points on top of the vig.
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Re: Sorry to Make You Cry XVI

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I'm fine with that rule change. Not like I have a chance otherwise.
As for what you lose if they win, it could be the number of points you would have won. I.e., 12 points if the team has 12 wins.

I haven't actually sat down and done the math, but it seems unlikely that anyone else could catch up at this point with the rules just as they are.
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Re: Sorry to Make You Cry XVI

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Well, there is no rush. The whole point of this is to "have fun," "celebrate my, humble, magNIfIcence," and something about Your Mom. However, I do not want to tip the scales too far so that it actually punishes someone for picking well every week.

I TRIUMPHED last year by doing that. It may seem that radrick built an insurmountable lead with his picks of Houston and Atlanta, but in reality he pretty much won every week. So if you remove that 20 points, it makes it "interesting," but it is not like everyone is within 5 points or anything like that.

Whilst losers think about it:

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Re: Sorry to Make You Cry XVI

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Doctor X wrote: Thu Jan 14, 2021 1:32 am Feel free to remind me.

– J.D.
An idea was floated that in the last round people could gamble up to a certain number of points on their choice--what brings me in circles is that it usually winds up either irrelevant (not enough to catch up) or boring (outcome basically a coin toss).

There's no advantage to winning by a greater amount, and the ones behind first have nothing to lose. We have our favorites but in general difficult to predict the Super Bowl winner as a matter of skill. I see how the rule might work but not really how it would make the game more fun in the end.
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