Why No Smart City Would Want the NFL

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Abdul Alhazred
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Why No Smart City Would Want the NFL

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Maybe this should go in the "Class Warfare" thread?

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Rob Lister
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Re: Why No Smart City Would Want the NFL

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Here's a good point, taken at 5:30

"Because of blackout rules, having a team makes it hard to watch your hometown team play"

so ...

1) If the seats aren't sold out, you're going to miss the game unless you buy a ticket and go.
2) you can't afford a ticket.

I don't see an upside unless the NFL foots the entire cost of the presence. If they put a stadium here, it might increase my home value a little, but not by as much as the increase in taxes I'll pay for the privilege.

And 8 times a year (best case if my team sucks) traffic will be fucked.

I see certain business really benefiting. Let them foot the bill if they want it so bad.