Hey Woman, Who Gave You the Shoes?!!1!!

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Hey Woman, Who Gave You the Shoes?!!1!!

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Surprised this has not been commented on. As one Sports Dude in Boston put it: "Men, are we really this stupid?"

Here is a Linkypoo but the basic details are:

A Mets player--yes, they still play baseball after Calvin Schiraldi retired and Clemens discovered steroids but not his balls . . . no I am not bitter--took his PLAYER AGREEMENT Sanctioned by the Union and Ownership Collective Bargaining Agreement paternity leave. He is allowed 3 days, he only took 2. The Mets did not complain.

I would say enter the neanderthals, but that would be an insult to the neanderthals.

Mike "The Flatulent" Francessa blathered about the responsibilities of players. The "back in the day," how HE visited his wife for an hour when she delivered AND WENT TO WORK!!11!

"When did this start?" Fat Mike wonders?

"Natural child birth," of course. Before that, men were where they were suppose to be--having a cigarette in the waiting room or boning the secretary, apparently. "What" he asks, his the man to "do" the next two days? As same Sports Dude rhetorically asked: "if you could put your wife under the Truth Serum . . . and ask her if she would like you to be there."

Like, I do not know . . . be with the neonate a bit while she sleeps?

Oh but players should hire nurses and the like.

Fine, Mike Francessa is a known cement-head who lives up to the negative stereotype of New Yorkers.

Bring in "Boomer" Esiasson . . . Essia . . . Ess . . . Guy Who was a Quarter Back and Lost a Super Bowl.

Just make your wife get a c-section.


Boomer is, apparently, back-tracking.

No word on whether or not you should offer your post-delivery wife a cup of coffee. . . .


P.S. This has led to some good things. As a few Sports Dudes noted, the fact that most are crucifying Francesa and That Former Quarter Back is very different than the situation 20 years ago where the attitude to new fathers was, "what? You did your job nine months ago!" It also leads to the "but what if you are the QB of a Super Bowl team and ONE MINUTE BEFORE KICKOFF!!!!" type speculation.

The issue with baseball is the length--ladies--of the season. Potentially, you are a player from March to the end of October. Early March for Spring training. This means you have realistically 3.5 months to have a child.

That means you can only have sex with your wife/girlfriend/Miss Right Now! three months during the year, DURING the season. Are you not PLAYING BASEBALL?!!

What if you are "on the road" during that magic ~48 hrs when a woman can conceive?

Boomer probably would argue for artificial insemination. . . .
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Re: Hey Woman, Who Gave You the Shoes?!!1!!

Post by clarsct »

I took two days when my son was born...but I could've taken six weeks.....are MLB folks immune to FMLA?

As for the rest...if it ain't your kid, then shut the fuck up. Guy wants to take two days, then fine..I'm okay with the guy taking half a season off, personally. Some folks need more time than others.
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Re: Hey Woman, Who Gave You the Shoes?!!1!!

Post by Tiosylanyl »

Discussion about this became moot the moment that the CBA was approved. The season is a week old and there are 160ish games yet to play for fuck's sake. What's next, rolling out guys that have the flu or broken legs to play?