"Fuck Your Miracles!"--You Must See! Even Comrade Gram

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"Fuck Your Miracles!"--You Must See! Even Comrade Gram

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No, not another AWESOME VIDEO ABOUT THE SUPER BOWL CHAM[Get on with it.--Ed.] but the ESPN 30-30 "Of Miracles and Men" which covers the Godless Commie 1980 Soviet Hockey Team.

It is more than just a "this is how the losers felt USA!USA!USA!" it is about the history of Soviet hockey, the politics in the Soviet Union, and, yes, the game. They do not play the Al "DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? YES!" Michaels play-by-play but the Soviet play-by-play.

It deals with the aftermath as well as some very interesting stories. One of them [Fetisov--Ed.] I knew . . . but I did not know it involved one of the players from the 1980 Soviet team :oops:

And you get to see the Soviets crush many Canadian Scum! :D

As for the title? Okay, one of the players [Mikhailov--Ed.] does not actually say that but his reaction to "have you seen the film Miracle?" is priceless!

Or as the player I mention before him notes, he is not interested in "telling the story" of the 1980 loss.

He wants to tell the story of Soviet Russian hockey.


:hyper: The daughter of the politically incorrect father of Soviet Russian hockey [Tarasov--Ed.]--designed to beat Canadian Scum!--was the coach of the Russian figure skating. Her pair won gold, she was proud to remember. When asked if she felt it was a mistake for Evil Empire Coach [Tikhonov--Ed.] to pull the "Best Goalie in the World" [Tretiak--Ed.] she gave a very politically correct response about how it is improper for the coach of another team to criticize the coach of another . . . then paused . . . then shouted, "YES!"

Sort of how people are dancing around Poor Pete Carroll :D
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Re: "Fuck Your Miracles!"--You Must See! Even Comrade Gram

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Thanks for the recommend, I've been waiting to watch it with my dad. I saw a little bit, looks great.