Gisele gives some bad head...

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Gisele gives some bad head...

Post by Grammatron » about Tom Brady.

Clickbaiting is fun!

Tom Brady 'does have concussions,' wife Gisele Bundchen says

Now she is a wife and not a doctor, and she cares for her Husband well being. But if this is true and not fake news, it's disappointing to hear. When superstar pros play hurt it's bad enough, when they keep life threatening injuries from the team it makes the entire sport look bad. And situation like this can put pressure on younger players to play when they are not healthy enough to do so.

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Re: Gisele gives some bad head...

Post by Doctor X »

I thought of starting or adding to the Sorry to Make You Cry thread. Naturally, this has garnered a lot of "talk" since it is "Tom Fuckin' Brady." WHY DID THE PATRIOTS NOT DISCLOSE THAT A FINE ALL DRAFT PICKS AND SEXY REXY IS YOUR COACH . . . with Jake the Snake Cuttler as QB . . . et cetera.

Right. One rumor is that he suffered a concussion in the endzone in the last regulation drive. Okay . . . if he did . . . he seemed rather fine the subsequent game-winning drive. Christian "SQUIRREL!" Fauria tells a story that back in ~2003 Brady declared a play then threw in the wrong direction or something like that. Fauria screamed at him in the huddle and Brady admitted he was concussed from the previous play. Of course, that was back In the Day where you "Just had to walk it off" and a major head injury is "getting the wind knocked out of you."

Okay. First, what the hell is a concussion? Strictly writing it is an alteration of consciousness caused by trauma. That covers a very broad set of pathology. "Alteration of consciousness" can range from something so slight the patient and examiners will not notice it to Maxine Waters-Level Brain Damage [Stop it!--Ed.] to actual structural damage to the brain, primarily from "shearing" of the axons--long communicative processes of the neuron--or direct impact from the brain basically slamming into the skull. One needs to know that the axons of a neuron are quite long, relatively writing.

"Shear" injure can be the most devastating in the immediate to later since it can prove quite widespread: Diffuse Axonal Injury or "DAI."

Right, those who suffer such are clearly head injured. They are unconscious, blah . . . blah.

For most football players you are on the lower scale of concussion. "Seeing is believing" in neurophysiology: what the person exhibits. There is a strong correlation between severity of the concussion--"what" it involves on the tissue level--and the length of time the person is unconscious. For most, that period will be a few seconds at most otherwise the player is sprawled on the turf and even the NFL has to give him a salt tablet.

Here is the problem: people do not remember loss of consciousness. When you lose consciousness, you are "gone." You lose any concept of time passage. The only way you figure it out is you were about to have Bartaveous Big-Fuck get his arms around you and you then find yourself on the sidelines.

So . . . realizing that someone has suffered a "minor" concussion remains a problem. As more than enough people have bloviated today, players do not want to leave the field. Infamously, in SB 49, Edelmann suffered what sure as hell looked like a concussion prior to making some AWESOME TAKE THE LEAD plays. He said it was his legs injured a bit.

He underwent the Concussion Protocol [Cue Thunderclap.--Ed.] and . . . passed. Well, what the hell was the test? I will spare you the Wall of Text explanation and how someone with a very minor concussion could pass one.

Soooooooo . . . who diagnosed Tom? Himself? It would be a major problem if the independent "expert" ever evaluated him and did not ever diagnose it. Linemen will tell you they "get their bell rung" on every play--clouding of consciousness. I will spare you the physiological differences--basically, potentially, the difference between "hitting your funny bone"--the ulnar nerve--or lying on it and having your hand "fall asleep" and actual damage to the nerve.

Which brings us all to dementia pugilistica: the sequella of repetitive head injury being touted as a "new" syndrome in the media and sports: "CTE." Yet it is basically that. The development of neurological decline after head trauma.

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