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Brucetta has discovered an unbeatable power move for when I pick on her too much. She just grabs my man boobs and glares at me.

Me: This is completely unfair. It's beyond inappropriate, disrespectful, and degrading. Not only that, but what the hell am I supposed to do? It's not like there's any support groups for fathers who have been molested by their daughters. Why are you doing this? Why?

Brucetta: Well, it's like you said. I can do it to you, but you can't do it back to me without getting arrested so, you know......I win.

It's diabolical, ruthless, brilliant.........exactly something I would think of if I were a proud. :surrender:
Such potential!
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Re: Brucetta

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Do some weights.

No man boobs.

You win!
Yep, you totally outsmarted me ~ Wildcat.


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Re: Brucetta

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Is she ticklish? :twisted: