Thank You

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Thank You

Post by Pyrrho »

To everyone and anyone who has worked to make this board a reality, thank you.
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Post by skeptica »

Nah... The thanks go to you guys! Now, go out, post in those other shiny new forums, and make me proud!

I still have some more work to do in terms of customizing. But, I will keep everyone informed, as always.

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Post by Skeptoid »

Ditto. Now we all need to work together to make it a success. 8)
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Post by Hexxenhammer »

First posts in the Games forum, and in the humanities forum. I rule.
Mr. Skinny
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Post by Mr. Skinny »

It's looking better every day.

I missed making the first post in the Science forum by a mere 4 minutes.

Thanks for all your work.
Luke T.
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Post by Luke T. »

Hexxenhammer wrote:First posts in the Games forum, and in the humanities forum. I rule.
Politics forum and Skepticism and Paranormal forum for me. :D

Although I have recommended moving Shanek's foaming Libertarian topic to Politics to give him the honor of first political topic.