The most bizarre anti-evolution tract EVAR!

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The most bizarre anti-evolution tract EVAR!

Post by Abdul Alhazred »

Jack Chick's latest.

Not a rehash of the usual creationist tropes.

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Re: The most bizarre anti-evolution tract EVAR!

Post by shemp »

Crazy old hatemongering bastard. Does he even do these anymore, or are others just carrying on using his name? Maybe he's just a fossilized corpse, propped up on a throne where his cult members worship him.
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Re: The most bizarre anti-evolution tract EVAR!

Post by Pyrrho »

Heh. Was at my Mom's house this morning. Religious tract book was on her side table. First page is for October 1.


It went downhill from there.

Here's the link, you bastards:
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Re: The most bizarre anti-evolution tract EVAR!

Post by the_ignored »

That one woman in that picture looks like she has fangs. ... 162_05.gif
(excerpt follows):
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Re: The most bizarre anti-evolution tract EVAR!

Post by Witness »

Weird! So we have to believe in "curses"? :o