"What's the Weather Report in HELL?!"

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"What's the Weather Report in HELL?!"

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As a mentor would ask in a very Southern drawl when someone would ask him about doing something really stupid. "Are we going to ____."

"Snowballs still melting?!"

Rex Ryan Defends the New England Patriots

The NY Jets and Pats are odd rivals. Much of it is "New York-Boston" which was "the rivalry between the hammer and the nail" regarding baseball for decades until THE MOST COLOSSAL COLLAPSE IN SPORTS HISTORY!11!. Basically, for years BOTH the Jets and Pats were irrelevant so it is a bit like nerds fighting over Magic the Gathering cards or . . . whatever it is nerds argue about.

Much is made of the Ryan-Belichick rivalry; however, truth be told, they are on friendly terms. WAY back when a much fatter boisterous Ryan took over the Regrets he claimed--when they first played the Patriots--he would not "kiss Belichick's rings!"

NOT very publicized was him meeting with His Billness [PBUT--Ed.] chatting before the game. People do not understand this. Pats Homer Fans should be burning Giants players and their coach FOR PAYING OF THE REFS WHEN ELI WAS CLEARLY SACKED . . . yet Belichick and Coughlin are both very good friends.

"It's sports, stupid."

People know playbooks. It is called "studying film." As one insider put it, "in a 3 and 4 we know exactly what your team ran percentage wise."

Hence Ryan's defense.
Which only underscores why Cleveland sucks.

"Walk-off Grand Slam?" Feh! What pennant did that get you?

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Re: "What's the Weather Report in HELL?!"

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To us that grand slam is like winning the World Series. Local announcer is gonna have a stroke one of these days.
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