Is HE cheating on YOU?

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Abdul Alhazred
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Is HE cheating on YOU?

Post by Abdul Alhazred »

Much spam lately with that subject line.

Deleted unopened, so I don't know what they claim to offer.
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Rob Lister
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Re: Is HE cheating on YOU?

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Well? Is he?

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Re: Is HE cheating on YOU?

Post by Nyarlathotep »

I got one with that subject line too. One's spam folder is always fun to go through and look at the obviously scammy titles. A few highlights from my most recent foray into mine, with commentary...

"COBRA HEALTH PLANS" - Eh, COBRA has a good health plan but I have no confidence in Cobra Commander. Besides, SPECTRE has better dental.

"Brianna Has Shared Her Private Album With You" - Look Brianna, I am sure you're a nice girl and all. but since finding out that he's cheating on me, I just don't feel ready for a new realtionship. It's not you, it's me.

"This WILL Lower Your Blood Sugar in Seven Days?" - I am confused, the capitalized "WILL" implies a declarative statement. But the question mark at the end makes it a question. Is it a question, a statement, or both. And if it is a question, why are you asking me, you are the one trying to sell me something. It's a plot to make me lose my mind isn't it? ISN'T IT?

"Save on Drug Rehab Costs" - Oh good. After that last one, I began drinking and haven't stopped.

"It's Me Alice ::)))" - Alice has two sets of eyes and three mouths apparently. I....don't think my sanity can handle that, so soon out of rehab.

"Single? Christian? Joine Free at ChristianMingle" - I have this terrible, terrible feeling they are trying to set me up with Alice....

"Get your Confidence Back" - After Alice, I want my sanity back, not my confidence.

"Survive in Bed (Men Only)" - Heeeeeeyyyyyy, just because Alice has four eyes and three mouths doesn't mean she is trying to kill me does it. DOES IT?

Gotta Go. Someone's knocking on my door. I think it might be Alice...

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Re: Is HE cheating on YOU?

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Front-opening bras.
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Tyler Durden
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Re: Is HE cheating on YOU?

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Abdul Alhazred wrote:Much spam lately with that subject line.

Deleted unopened, so I don't know what they claim to offer.
Depends if he has Spastic Colons on Wednesdays.
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