70s/80s evangelical nonsense

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Re: 70s/80s evangelical nonsense

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Perhaps, but if it "came with the Bible" you may be able to search for it with this Ask Jeeves! the kids go on about.

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Re: 70s/80s evangelical nonsense

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This might be a bit easier to read. It seems ... incoherent to me.
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Re: 70s/80s evangelical nonsense

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corplinx wrote:found this gem in my mother's old bible, should I do a real scan?
Nice find!

This, way more garish, version:


looks sufficiently similar to suppose there is a link to Finis Jennings Dake:


and his Bible business.

As for the scan, I'd say yes, let's preserve your version for posterity, e. g. by uploading it to reddit/mapporn or similar. (If you need software to easily stitch together partial scans: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/researc ... e-editor/#. And use lossless PNG instead of JPG.)
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Re: 70s/80s evangelical nonsense

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