The "All of Us" project

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The "All of Us" project

Post by Pyrrho » ... -all-of-us
"I think we're already at the diminishing returns point for many of the complex traits that important to our society in terms of health."

The solutions to these common conditions lie largely in changing diets, exercise habits and tobacco addiction. Focusing genetic resources on diseases that do have strong genetic components makes a lot of sense, he says.

"But pouring more and more investment into these huge studies based on the idea that if you search enough computer data you will get an answer, I think is a false promise," he says.

He would rather take the money being spent on All of Us and use it to work on gene therapies for diseases that have a clear genetic cause, such as muscular dystrophy or Huntington's disease. "And once those [therapies] are developed — which I think they will be because I think humans are really good at engineering — then we can extend to the less clear-cut genetic traits."

Meanwhile, if the goal is to improve the health of our population, he says, "let's spend money on dietary exposures, exercise exposures, all the things that we know about to reduce the frequency of the kinds of diseases that we're spending so much money to try to treat is if they were genetic."
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Re: The "All of Us" project

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Pyrrho wrote: ... -all-of-us
"I think we're already at the diminishing returns point for many of the complex traits that important to our society in terms of health."
Like grammar and proper composition, apparently.

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Re: The "All of Us" project

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Last sentence probably should have been "as if".
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