Cyber Funeral

The war between wetware and hardware.
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Rob Lister
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Cyber Funeral

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I'd like to say, 'We did it first!'

But really, we just did it early.
Your online data is a bit like single-use plastic: there’s tonnes of the stuff and it’s very hard to get rid of. When you die, your physical body will slowly decay, or be sent to a crematorium or dissolved in a tank filled with potassium hydroxide. But that pesky digital corpse? That’s going to be around for a while, like a data soul stuck in online purgatory, never to receive salvation. Unless, of course, you set it free.

A good article for those of us who would like to limit ... or expand!.. our digital persistence.
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Abdul Alhazred
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Re: Cyber Funeral

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Image "If I turn in a sicko, will I get a reward?"

"Yes! A BIG REWARD!" ====> Click here to turn in a sicko
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Re: Cyber Funeral

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Do it yourself via majestic heavenly force. And the browser switch that dumps all that shit upon closing the program.
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