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Some people have what I call the "collecting gene". They just like to collect. It can border on pure acquisition like the Collyer Brothers
or can be organized and scholarly. I have/had a friend who collected political memorabilia. He would go to Gun Shows with me because he was interested in "things". Maybe like a Magpie? "OOOOOoooooooh, Shiney". Dunno. But he had the bug.

I collect weapons (and related crap) books, particularly in areas of my collecting interests. Did collect art back ib the day. Now it is just guns. Had a stamp collecton when I was a kid, liked coins, still do actually, I had a series of coins from the Crusader Kingdoms. Not so much now though.

So what about you lot? AC, I believe, collects women's underwear, Abdul ancient technology. What about the rest of you? Anything you will admit to?
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Re: Collecting

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I collect all manner of things and I probably have some stuff that is quite valuable to somebody but my problem is I make the snap decision when something crosses my path and then it gets buried. And I will basically forget it. I have a huge stamp collection someplace because I had access to a commercial organization that required its customers to send in stamps and the lady who handled that would let me see interesting ones and just pay the stamp value before the once a week time the company took all the turned in stamps to the postal officials for the cash for stamps program they were a part of. In fact, the company was partly owned by the government, so I guess that was why they had that arrangement because I was informed later it was a very strange thing.

I have all sorts of other stuff, too. I make sure something is properly cleaned and then wrap it up, if that is needed and then POOF it is gone and maybe I don't see it again for years and years.

I used to illegally collect the DPRK flyers they would send over the DMZ, but then somebody else had to sort of sneak them out of the ROK because what I was doing was illegal and I was a government employee and so my friend did the smuggling out, but we never met again.

Like the flyer they sent over the 'Z' that indicated a South Korean soldier had shot President Reagan.

I have a large collection of books. Some rather old. A 100-year old map of London. Well, it was 100 years old a fair number of years ago. I have some seriously old software on some of those original floppy disks that really are floppy. I even have some blank floppies never unwrapped. That came from some base I was assigned to once.

All sorts of things.

This is a topic I suspect has a two-hundred-year life span. Or longer. This topic alone keeps this forum afloat for another two hundred years. You folks are a hundred years old, right?
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Re: Collecting

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The billionaire character in After Many a Summer Dies the Swan collected collections. 8)
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Re: Collecting

Post by shemp »

The only thing ed collects is dust.
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Re: Collecting

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I don't really collect for the sake of collecting but then, I'm rarely content with just one. Thusly, I own around twenty-five harmonicas, six bicycles, two stereos, three cameras, ten radios, two PCs, a laptop, two tablets, about every tool a DIYer could need, about 200 CDs, thirteen air guns etc. All stuff that is used from time to time. I cleared my bookshelves pretty ruthlessly a few years back and am now buying only classic SciFi, the best of the genre, that I know I'll never tire of.

As mentioned elsewhere, I'm putting together a couple of model railways, a potential black hole for my savings, so it's used items only with a keen eye on market value and a strict budget!

Oh, and there's the underwear...

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