Money doesn't exist

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Money doesn't exist

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Citizens: You owe us money.

Corporations: Consumers owe us money.

Vendors: Corporations owe us money.

Government: You all owe us money.

Countries: Hey, where's our money?

Banks: Uh.......guys........

Homeless: Can I have some money?

Banks: Guys.....

Migrant workers: You won't owe us as much money.

Banks: Guys! I have some bad news. You doesn't exist. It's just a bunch of numbers on a computer. What we think if as money is nothing more than a belief that someday, all of our micro exchanges of good and services will one day balance out. It all started with little pieces of paper that served as "I owe you" notes that started hundreds.....perhaps thousands of years ago......and it's gone completely off the rails. And now......I'm sorry to report that a significant number of people no longer believe in the system, therefore money doesn't exist.

It's the Millennials, isn't it.

Banks: Yes.

Motherfuckers! I knew it! I knew their beards and ironic t-shirts and Starbucks lattes would cause the end of the world! :x

Trump: Let's start a war with Iran.

United States: Stupid millenials.

News: Trump killed a high ranking Iranian government official, and the whole world says we're on our own on this one.

United States: If it weren't for those stupid millenials........wait, what?

The End.